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Lovegrove Essentials

Lovegrove Essentials Luxury Facial Skincare During my body care month and also while I was containing my skincare regime, I got these amazing handmade products sent to me. These are made in the UK and the best bit that I love is they contain many great ingredients in each product. This is a professional range for all massage and beauty therapists. They have been awarded Bronze and Silver in 2018 Natural Beauty Awards and Skincare award. I've been using the Massage Balm religiously after my manicure and pedicure. Its really helped nourished and keep all chapped skin away around my nail area and it smells divine. I love organic smells and this has defiantly got strong smells that identify each product. I've used the Cleansing balm and Healing Serum together during make up removal. Again lovely combination and the smells are lush. You really feel like you've had a great treatment done to your skin. The cleansing balm is so nice and waxy yet melts into skin and rem

Turmeric - Haldi Clay mask for the body

Turmeric - Haldi Clay mask for the body Indian style home spa. So I shared a little hack for you all with a moroccon style clay mask to use all over your body, now its time for an Indian style using turmeric. I know its such a cheat way but OMG it works so well as its already made full of goodness in one pot. If you haven't guessed it already well here it is... Botanical turmeric Blemish control clay mask. This stuff is amazing just to brighten and make your whole body feel super clean. Yes I know another clay mask for face which you can use all over your body. This mask, you only need a little all over and apply using your hands in circular motions. You can add a little extra on knee and elbow areas if you wish. Such a great way to use face mask as a body mask all over. If you have not tried it... its a must and let me know what the results were.  Please TEST on small area first before applying all over. This mask stings and gives a burning sensation a

Moroccon Clay mask

Moroccan Clay Mask Home Hammam Ok so we are in the middle of body care month and I have to share this amazing, let's say cheat clay mask for the body. Just like a Moroccan style hammam you get abroad in countries like Morocco & Turkey. Why not treat yourself to one at home in your own space. Homemade body scrubs are great but this is a way to detox your whole body skin. So here's the secret - you ready... DermaV10 - Detox charcoal Mask -  Yes such an amazing hack in one pot. We use this stuff for our weekly face mask now try it as a body mask all over your body. You will be amazed at how it makes you feel. Its so affordable you can use one whole pot all over your hands, body and legs. Leave it on for 20 minutes and wash it off with warm water. Now how can you do this if we don't have a steam room etc like the Turkish bath place? Well here's how I recommend you do this.  Warm water bath. Sit in for 15-20 mins so your whole body is soaked in

Washing hair properly?

Are you washing your hair properly? My way was just putting a whole load of shampoo inside the palm of my hands and massaging it on my scalp and all through my hair to the roots. There are days if I oiled my hair I would double wash. Yes sounds silly but I thought I was doing it right to take out the oils and any dirt etc. Well since i new there was a correct way of washing your hair properly ( which meant i was doing it wrong, unfortunately, well overdoing it really) I stopped and changed the way k wash my hair. Let me break it down to you, the simple and easy way so we all are doing it the correct way without damaging our hair or scalp. Comb your hair Before washing or jumping into the shower. Using a detangler, comb or brush ( whatever suits your hair) comb hair so it's easy for shampoo and conditioner to glide through, no knots and dry better. Shampoo Wash hair twice a week. Don't do it every day as this damages hair strands and scalp. Even if you have thin h

Hair Care

Haircare Let's break down a basic hair care which is essential and must do to maintain healthy strong hair. Daily brushing Every morning with your normal brushing teeth, washing face routine brushing your hair a must. It's sunnah plus it's doesn't knot. There are so many opinions. Some say no way don't brush your hair daily as its bad and your hair falls out. Others say brush it daily as it stimulates the hair and scalp and keeps your hair in better conditions. Now my personal pick is daily brushing at least once. I can understand people who have less or thin hair can skip a day or two but generally thick bushy hair should be combed once a day. Over-brushing is a problem as it can damage the hair and take out hair so a few brush strokes daily are good. If you have the correct brush you should be fine eg detangler for thick curly hair. Brushing your hair before washing It is highly recommended to brush your hair before you wash your hair. That way all the

Dark elbows and knees

How to get get rid of dark knees and elbow I think a lot of us Asian women have darker tones on our knees and elbow which is so annoying at times. Those areas do get darker over time if it's not looked after properly plus the skin is rough and not moisturised or hydrated enough. Here are some simple homemade 100% natural remedies to help reduce the darkness. You must do this as a daily routine and maintain it to see results. Please do a skin test before trying as more then 60% does absorb into the skin. 🔷 Baking Soda and Milk. Baking soda helps to clean and exfoliate. It also removes dead skin cells which is great. The milk is moisturising the skin. Make sure after using this paste, wash and moisturise using coconut oil. 🔷 10-day method for both knees and elbow Honey, olive oil, freshly squeezed lemon juice and baking soda. This mix uses it for 10days you will start seeing a difference. This method needs to be applied and left overnight. Then washed off in the mornin

Get rid of dark under arms

How to get rid of dark underarms There are two simple methods which come up everywhere. Lemon and Potatoes. Not together but on its own. Let's share the two methods : Lemon method Slice two lemons in its circular shape. Rub under your arms making sure all the juice is sitting on the skin surface. Leave on for 5- 10mins then wash off during your shower. Make sure you moisturise as lemon can be drying. Recommended to do it for 15 days to see results. Lemon will balance the PH balance of your skin and help reduce darkness over time. A little thing I learnt during my research is a lemon is a great natural deodorant too. Helps with odour too ;) Potatoe method Slice up the potatoes in a circle shape or any way that makes it easy for you to rub on skin. Now rub under the arm and leave on for 25-30 minutes. Wash off with warm water. Do this daily to see the result. It will slowly lighten and get rid of uneven shade. Again not to forget to moisturise after as they can

T Zone range ❤

T Zone range Peel off mask and Self heating mask. T-Zone Charcoal & Bamboo Black Peel Off Mask 50ml Retails at £5.99 currently on offer at Superdrugs £2.99 T-Zone Charcoal & Bamboo Black Peel Off Mask draws out impurities and peels away blackheads to help unclog pores and keep skin clear. Features Activated Charcoal and Bamboo Extract unblock pores and peel away blackheads. Enriched with naturally moisturising and skin softening Urea and soothing and protecting Allantoin. Cleanse your face and pat dry. We recommend you steam your face for 2-3 minutes or prepare the skin with a hot towel for 3-5 minutes to open pores. After patting dry, apply a medium, even layer to areas prone to impurities like the nose, side of the nose, forehead and chin. Avoid the eye area, eyebrows, hairline and lips. Leave on for 30 minutes or until completely dry. Gently and slowly peel off the mask from the outer edges and rinse off any residue. If it feels too uncomfortable to peel

Dry chapped skin around nails?

Dry chapped skin around your nails? Let's fix them Before and After the image When the weather gets colder I seem to get really dry chapped skin around my nail area. I don't bite my nails at all so it doesn't make any sense why I have them, however, am guessing the body is not so hydrating and weather doesn't help plus lots of washing up can make the skin dry. Ok so iv done a little research and am going to try this method. 1. Soak fingers in warm water In a good size bowl dip your hands and fingers in for 5mins to soften the your skin. Warm water always helps. 2. Dab dry Using your towel dry your hands and fingers without being harsh. Just dab motions. 3. Use a Cuticle pusher. Now using a cuticle pusher, push back your cuticles. The flat end is used to push back the cuticles and the pointy bit is to help remove any dirt or build up around the nails. 4. Cut extra skin Now using a manicure nipper or manicure scissors trim away extra skin that

Sunnah way of trimming your nails

Sunnah way of trimming your nails As a Muslim women I try my best to follow sunnah and fardh ways of living like how our Prophet (pbuh) advised us to. Everything has a way of doing something or a purpose. Like trimming your nails is simple but there's a method to it which you get rewarded for doing it :) Here's how to trim your nails, Hands and feet the correct way. Try trimming it once a week or every so often (Depending on how long your nails grow) I like to do it on a Friday as it's Jummah and reminds me to trim my nails before bath. Plus mentally I know am preparing my self for Jummah Salah so it helps to remember to trim nails in the correct way. Hands Starting from your right hand index finger first, (I always remember this as this finger goes up when your doing your last part of Salah ) then continue from right to middle, 4th and 5th little finger. Then you move on to your left hand little finger, 4th, middle then index finger and your thumb. You finish off

Olay Regenerist 3 Point Super Cleansing System

Olay Regenerist 3 Point Super Cleansing System As you ladies know I have been using this for a months now. Let me start off by sharing details about the product from their own product information then I will share you my thoughts. Boots and Amazon do this product. Four and half star rating and good reviews from customers. 4x better cleansing + gently exfoliates + effectively prepares the skin for your anti ageing routine *tested on cleansing make-up and exfoliation vs. Olay skin perfecting cleanser alone. An Olay face moisturiser provides the essential anti-ageing ingredients that your skin needs to stay younger looking. With our extensive range of products, we recommend trying the Olay regime, with a serum or Olay treatment cream (such as an eye cream), used with a face cream for the day, and then accompanied by a night cream to help moisturise your skin whilst you sleep. How to use: Preparing the 3 point super cleansing system for use. Installing Brush He

Foreo Fofo

Foreo F ofo Aquamarine colour Starting off with some information which is direct from Foreo website just so you can get the main bits and understand what this device does. ANALYZE YOUR SKIN IN SECONDS The more you know about your skin, the better you can care for it. LUNA fofo delivers real-time readings for customized cleansing routines that evolve with your skin. The device tracks and responds to internal and external factors that affect skin health, including changes in climate, diet and water intake, for an optimized complexion, no matter where life takes you TRACK SKIN HYDRATION LEVELS  The key to smoother, younger-looking skin? Just add water! Your skin is hydrated when its cells are quenched with plenty of H20. You can achieve that by using external hydrators and serums, and more importantly, enjoying a plant-rich diet and drinking plenty of water. LUNA fofo helps you keep tabs on your skin’s hydration levels, delivering results direct to your app screen so

How to look after your cracked heels / Foot Care

How to looking after your Cracked heels When it comes to foot care. The first thing anyone complains or has an issue with is dry cracked heels. I think generally everyone will or have suffered from it at some point due to lack of foot care. We get so busy with life and daily chores we don't always get the chance to sit down for 10 minutes and just look after our feet. I highly recommend you do this as it can result in many problems in the future. I mean like result in the obvious dry cracked heels, fungal infections, in grown toe nails, athletes foot, calluses, bunions etc. To maintain and prevent cracked heels here is what you should do : Wear comfortable and closed shoes. No sandels or open back shoes - this can make it worse. Daily Moisturiser -  twice a day morning and evening. Use a good foot cream or balm that contains urea. This will help restore and get the feet hydrated again. Once your feet gets into its normal smooth surface you can switch it up to normal d

Best creams available for cracked heels

Cracked dry heels? T he best creams available When I started working in pharmacy, this was over 15 years ago. Scholl was the biggest and one of the best brand to buy for your feet. during that time Schools Cracked heel was the most recommended and used by many people. Now lucky we have so many Dupes and cheaper versions that work exactly the same. I will give you details of the Scholl cracked heel cream as well as others in the market which is great value yet good for your feet. Scholl Cracked Heel Repair Cream £5.99 from Superdrugs Scholl Cracked Heel Repair Cream Active Repair K+ ™ moisturises the skin and provides 'active' skin repair for rough, dry, cracked heels. It contains keratin, an essential component of skin, to build a natural scaffold to aid skin repair. 85% of people agreed there was a visible improvement in just 3 days. Scholl Dry Skin Recovery Cream £5.99 60ml from Superdrugs Scholl Dry Skin Instant Recovery Cream makes feet soft and smo