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Skincare during a flight. Is it necessary?

Is it necessary and what is the correct way ? So loads of trends are showing off a good skin care routine during a long flight but the fact is, do we really need to do? As per usual I like to keep things short and simple so it's easily understood. Flights cause the skin to dehydrate fast, skin becomes more sensitive and weak. After listening to and reading facts about recycled air plus how germs are so easily caught during a flight, you really need to double think whether it's even worth doing a skincare routine on board. My personal thoughts are its a NO NO! Planes are disgusting and dirty, in many ways. By doing a clean skincare on a long flight means your moving around bacteria on the top surface of your skin, not really cleaning (That put me off) also being on a plane is like being in a desert. It's is so drying so if you were to put on a sheet mask. The moment you take it off you have just doubled the amount of moisture that gets sucked out of your skin. Eve