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Dry chapped skin around nails?

Dry chapped skin around your nails? Let's fix them Before and After the image When the weather gets colder I seem to get really dry chapped skin around my nail area. I don't bite my nails at all so it doesn't make any sense why I have them, however, am guessing the body is not so hydrating and weather doesn't help plus lots of washing up can make the skin dry. Ok so iv done a little research and am going to try this method. 1. Soak fingers in warm water In a good size bowl dip your hands and fingers in for 5mins to soften the your skin. Warm water always helps. 2. Dab dry Using your towel dry your hands and fingers without being harsh. Just dab motions. 3. Use a Cuticle pusher. Now using a cuticle pusher, push back your cuticles. The flat end is used to push back the cuticles and the pointy bit is to help remove any dirt or build up around the nails. 4. Cut extra skin Now using a manicure nipper or manicure scissors trim away extra skin that