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Toners?? Do we need it

Is Toner really needed? I use to always think 'O it’s just another product added to make money' Am being truly honest and thats what I thought. But once I researched and started using it in my own skin care routine, I really like it and would not miss a toner out. There are so many benefits when using a toner after washing your face also after you have removered your make up. Fast acting and absorbing into skin Deep cleans your skin Leaves your skin feeling very refreshed Removes last trace of make up and dirt if missed when cleansing  Addes a layer of protection Added layer of hydration with hydrated ingredients, eg Hyaluronic acid  Helps reduce pore size, blemishes, treatments to skin when using active ingredients  Restores the ph balance of your skin Also reduces in grow hair. When do you use a Toner? Morning and evening after you have washed or cleansed your skin. Once washed, keep your skin damp and then you go in with a toner. Best way of using a toner is