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Foreo Fofo

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Starting off with some information which is direct from Foreo website just so you can get the main bits and understand what this device does.


The more you know about your skin, the better you can care for it. LUNA fofo delivers real-time readings for customized cleansing routines that evolve with your skin. The device tracks and responds to internal and external factors that affect skin health, including changes in climate, diet and water intake, for an optimized complexion, no matter where life takes you


The key to smoother, younger-looking skin? Just add water! Your skin is hydrated when its cells are quenched with plenty of H20. You can achieve that by using external hydrators and serums, and more importantly, enjoying a plant-rich diet and drinking plenty of water. LUNA fofo helps you keep tabs on your skin’s hydration levels, delivering results direct to your app screen so you can take action - fast. 

Your individual skin readings are used to generate unique skincare programs, with custom cleansing intensity and duration for your key facial zones. On top of that, high frequency T-Sonic pulsations and delicate silicone bristles cleanse skin of oil, dirt and makeup residue, gently exfoliating away dead cells.

After each skin analysis, a made-to-measure cleansing routine for your unique skin profile is created in the FOREO app, and synced to LUNA fofo for custom cleansing and optimized results. Regular analysis results in a personalized routine, every time.


Setting LUNA fofo apart are its advanced hypoallergenic gold sensors embedded in body-safe silicone, for an enhanced facial brush and analyser to read skin hydration levels, delivering results direct to your phone screen and keeping you up to speed with your evolving skin.


From zero to glow at the touch of a button! LUNA fofo analyses skin in seconds, before syncing a customized cleansing program of approximately one minute direct to your device. The routine changes with your skin to optimize its condition and health - no matter where life takes you!

LUNA fofo’s quick-drying, nonporous silicone is up to 35x more hygienic than nylon bristles and is completely bacteria resistant. The broad two-zone facial brush is made to tackle all skin types and is designed for thorough, precision cleansing.


Who isn’t fed up with losing charging cables? Thankfully, LUNA fofo is powered by 2 replaceable AAA batteries. With up to 400 uses for each fresh change of batteries, you’ll get a full year of personalized skincare regimens, both at home and on the go.

You need to download manual - FOREO For You app, available on the App Store (iOS) and Google play (Android). Follow the onscreen prompts to set up your profile. 
Retails : £79.00

Now lets talk about what I think. I like it and glad got the chance to try and review this facial cleansing tool. It leaves my skin feeling super soft and smooth after use. The device is waterproof so that's great. It has two sizes of silicone bristles on the device which helps exfoliate the skin. You have to do circular motions for it to work and clean the skin. This would be great for people who suffer with skin issues or acne prone skin. Its gentle yet does clean the skin. Its not harsh at all. The vibration is mild too. Its light weight and mini version so easy to carry everywhere. I like the fact that the bristles are made in a way which bacteria or dirt can not build up. Just washing it is clean and ready to use. Now when it came to using the app. Yes its fancy and does a few tech things but I wasn't that impressed. If am honest I would rather just use it without the app. Me and my hubby both used it and both times it just makes up whatever you feed in. So I could say I have oily skin but I have dry and it just goes along with it. So pretty useless for an app that is meant to tell you your skin levels etc. I love the devise on its own really, it works well, leaves skin feeling smooth and soft.

It is expensive as its over £70.00 for the devise but long term it works out well as it only needs battery changing plus you get a lot of use out of it. Only buy when on offer or on a discounted price ;) I wouldn't pay the full amount :)

Glad I got the chance to try this out as it was gifted to me from my bestie, which I really thank her for and got the opportunity to test and use such a top branded facial cleanser plus its number one in the market for facial tools.

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