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Oxygenetix Oxygeneting Breathable Foundation There is two types of Foundation in this range. The Breathable and an Acne Control Foundation. Alhamdullilah as i don't have Acne, I choose to go with the Breathable Foundation. The Acne Control has so many benefits and such a good everyday wear Foundation for those who have problematic Skin. I received two of their breathable Foundation in Almond and Beige shade.  Almond was Perfect for my Skin tone and Beige is Perfect too when mixing with the Almond shade and I use this as a Highlighter. Lets start off with some background information on this Foundation. Celebrities use this, Beauty Editors, Dermatologist and Make up Artist use this range. This is an Award winning Oxygenetix Foundation which is Premium Coverage with unsurpassed Skin Health boosting benefits. This is Breathable with a formula which allows your Skin to breath more than any other Foundations on the Market. Its Water-resistant, ideal beach Make Up an