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Turmeric - Haldi Clay mask for the body

Turmeric - Haldi Clay mask for the body Indian style home spa. So I shared a little hack for you all with a moroccon style clay mask to use all over your body, now its time for an Indian style using turmeric. I know its such a cheat way but OMG it works so well as its already made full of goodness in one pot. If you haven't guessed it already well here it is... Botanical turmeric Blemish control clay mask. This stuff is amazing just to brighten and make your whole body feel super clean. Yes I know another clay mask for face which you can use all over your body. This mask, you only need a little all over and apply using your hands in circular motions. You can add a little extra on knee and elbow areas if you wish. Such a great way to use face mask as a body mask all over. If you have not tried it... its a must and let me know what the results were.  Please TEST on small area first before applying all over. This mask stings and gives a burning sensation a

Moroccon Clay mask

Moroccan Clay Mask Home Hammam Ok so we are in the middle of body care month and I have to share this amazing, let's say cheat clay mask for the body. Just like a Moroccan style hammam you get abroad in countries like Morocco & Turkey. Why not treat yourself to one at home in your own space. Homemade body scrubs are great but this is a way to detox your whole body skin. So here's the secret - you ready... DermaV10 - Detox charcoal Mask -  Yes such an amazing hack in one pot. We use this stuff for our weekly face mask now try it as a body mask all over your body. You will be amazed at how it makes you feel. Its so affordable you can use one whole pot all over your hands, body and legs. Leave it on for 20 minutes and wash it off with warm water. Now how can you do this if we don't have a steam room etc like the Turkish bath place? Well here's how I recommend you do this.  Warm water bath. Sit in for 15-20 mins so your whole body is soaked in