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Winter Hair specially for us Hijabis! Hair care is important too. Not just Skin. What you eat makes your Hair more healthy plus builds strength. So add in those Proteins for additional benefits to your Hair and Skin. Wearing Hijab means leaving your Hair knotted into a bun for hours and hours and then even lazy modes which lead to NO brushing for days. Yes we have all been there, not brushing our hair then that leads to a massive hair knot. That then becomes such a struggle to get out. Its more easy for us girls who wear the Hijab to ignore Hair care and just put your Hair in a bun and forget about it. Well here are some Simple and effective ways to change up your Hair Care which will keep your hair healthy and maintained. Morning Routine After washing your face before you Moisturise get that Hair brushed. Open your hair and brush it daily. Its Sunnah. Brushing your Hair with a Detangle is better that way its made more easy. Even if your running late a 3sec brushing will make