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What is Skincare Challange?

These are from previous Skincare Challenge months. I love my skincare challenge months. I have been doing these over 5 years now, educating, teaching and sharing tips and tricks. Helping you choose the right care for your skin. (I share everything from body, hair, hands and feet too) Selfcare is so important for us in many ways. Especially us mums. Now what is skincare challenge? Simple a month of religious use of the basic products needed for your skin to understand and get use to a self-care routine. This includes daily care and weekly care. A morning (am) routine an evening (pm) routine and some fun extra pampering sessions like masking days during the week.  Who is this for? You can be someone who is just starting or just not sure if your routine is working. You can even be someone who’s an expert and love using lots of products but just want to step back to basics for a while or even someone who wants to start to add new products into their routine. Basically anyone, any ages and

Pixi Milky Hydrating Collection Review

It's review time...  As promised and I am saying it how it is from my opinion:) I have added each product details and my thoughts on each item. Hope this helps you 💚 Hydrating Milky Makeup Re mover Remove your most long-wearing eye, lip and face makeup without stripping your skin of its essential moisture with Pixi’s Hydrating Milky Makeup Remover. • Coconut nourishes & conditions • Probiotics protect & balance • Oat Extract soothes & hydrates Retails £24.00 My thoughts: Lovely gentle remover for face but didn't like this at all for my eyes. It does take a good few pumps and cotton pads before removing long wear makeup and found the scent very off putting. Honestly the smell is nothing like the other products from the range and it doesn't remove heavy makeup quickly. I personally find this is over priced for a makeup remover. Love Pixi's collections and their ranges but some products like this could be priced lower. This is the only one tha

Halal Skincare by Shahnaz Islam

It's finally here - Alhamdulillah HALAL SKINCARE  By Shahnaz Islam A basic guide, simple yet 40 pages mini booklet. Sharing product details, description, ingredients, how to use, product size available and expire dates. Additional benefits like fragrance free, nut free, Vegan etc are also added on to the listed products. Now you can have a booklet stored in your phone with a peace of mind to search and buy Alcohol free products in the market from Natural, Organic to drugstore and of course Luxury. Not all brands claim their products are alcohol free, only if they did it would of made life easy.  These have been confirmed by the brands listed and I have researched well and hard my self to check ingredientson some. Everyone who purchases this will receive a FREE updated version with in the next 6 months. Your purchase will include a % towards Hurriya Charity. Once you purchase, your PDF file will be emailed over within 24 hours. £3.99 - Paypal: Shahnaz_islam86@h

Re-usable pads by Nurturify

PLEASE NOTE THIS IS AN OLD BLOG AND THIS BRAND IS NO LONGER SELLING THESE RE-USABLE COTTON PADS/PRODUCTS 🥺🥺 Are you using reusable pads? If not, why? I have recently committed myself to ONLY using re-usable pads as I really want to help the environment and just stop buying disposable cotton pads. (I just seem to keep on buying pads and piling them up) It will take time as I have this thing about getting mascara marks on my pads but I can overcome this. Will be keeping two separate just for Makeup removal so even if they mark, they are clean. That is what is important. Allow the pads to fully dry before use.   Reusable Bamboo Makeup remover pad set. 100 Percent NATURAL ORGANIC & REUSABLE - These reusable cotton pads make up remover pads are washable and can be used up to 1,000 times. Save money and our planet by reducing the use of plastic, fabric fluff and chemicals used in standard and other polyester-based microfiber pads which end up in our oceans and landfills. To wa