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Harrod’s Trailing Recycle Scheme

Got an email and I noticed this new recycle scheme which Harrod’s is trialing out. This will actually be fantastic as recycling beauty goods in all stores will encourage many beauty lovers to be more environmentally friendly đź‘Ť  My Beauty Recycle and Reward has started (14th January) for 3 months to see how it gets on. This scheme is available in Milton Keynes store at the moment. They are encouraging customers to take down their beauty products, mini of 5 empty products to get recycling and enjoy some rewards. You can recycle any make up skincare beauty  bottles and even nail polish and fragrance bottles. A lot of beauty products are not recyclable in many stores due to being hazardous and many other factors but nail polish and perfumes can be recycled here which is amazing. I think this is brilliant and I really hope this becomes permanent and available in all stores. Had to share it with you all and I would love to know if you do pop by and use the scheme, how you find it and what d