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Re-usable pads by Nurturify

PLEASE NOTE THIS IS AN OLD BLOG AND THIS BRAND IS NO LONGER SELLING THESE RE-USABLE COTTON PADS/PRODUCTS 🥺🥺 Are you using reusable pads? If not, why? I have recently committed myself to ONLY using re-usable pads as I really want to help the environment and just stop buying disposable cotton pads. (I just seem to keep on buying pads and piling them up) It will take time as I have this thing about getting mascara marks on my pads but I can overcome this. Will be keeping two separate just for Makeup removal so even if they mark, they are clean. That is what is important. Allow the pads to fully dry before use.   Reusable Bamboo Makeup remover pad set. 100 Percent NATURAL ORGANIC & REUSABLE - These reusable cotton pads make up remover pads are washable and can be used up to 1,000 times. Save money and our planet by reducing the use of plastic, fabric fluff and chemicals used in standard and other polyester-based microfiber pads which end up in our oceans and landfills. To wa