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Washing hair properly?

Are you washing your hair properly? My way was just putting a whole load of shampoo inside the palm of my hands and massaging it on my scalp and all through my hair to the roots. There are days if I oiled my hair I would double wash. Yes sounds silly but I thought I was doing it right to take out the oils and any dirt etc. Well since i new there was a correct way of washing your hair properly ( which meant i was doing it wrong, unfortunately, well overdoing it really) I stopped and changed the way k wash my hair. Let me break it down to you, the simple and easy way so we all are doing it the correct way without damaging our hair or scalp. Comb your hair Before washing or jumping into the shower. Using a detangler, comb or brush ( whatever suits your hair) comb hair so it's easy for shampoo and conditioner to glide through, no knots and dry better. Shampoo Wash hair twice a week. Don't do it every day as this damages hair strands and scalp. Even if you have thin h