Get rid of dark under arms

How to get rid of dark underarms

There are two simple methods which come up everywhere. Lemon and Potatoes. Not together but on its own. Let's share the two methods :

Lemon method

Slice two lemons in its circular shape. Rub under your arms making sure all the juice is sitting on the skin surface. Leave on for 5- 10mins then wash off during your shower. Make sure you moisturise as lemon can be drying.

Recommended to do it for 15 days to see results.

Lemon will balance the PH balance of your skin and help reduce darkness over time. A little thing I learnt during my research is a lemon is a great natural deodorant too. Helps with odour too ;)

Potatoe method

Slice up the potatoes in a circle shape or any way that makes it easy for you to rub on skin. Now rub under the arm and leave on for 25-30 minutes. Wash off with warm water.

Do this daily to see the result. It will slowly lighten and get rid of uneven shade.

Again not to forget to moisturise after as they can dry you out.

Try it out as these are simple and basic methods that help but you have to have a routine and do it religiously to see results.

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