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Get Super Soft Lips Dry Lips? here's how you can fix it! This time of the Year am sure its safe to say, that our Lips get so rough and chapped if you don't look after them. The Skin starts to peel and can also bleed. It only gets worse if you don't exercise the basic care routine which is to apply Vaseline. So yes its pretty hard to just ignore... Exfoliating is KEY! You have to do this to maintain that super soft Lips. I make my own Lip scrub at home or alternatively I buy Lip scrubs from Lush, Body shop and many other beauty brands in store. Comment if you would like recommendation or let me know which ones you have used and work well? Please see my video posted on my Youtube channel on how I make my own homemade Lip scrub. Using everyday products like Honey and Sugar.  Time to time I use a soft Toothbrush ( Make sure it's the baby toothbrush or a brush with soft bristles) use directly on top of Lips to gently exfoliate. I know it doesn&