How to look after your cracked heels / Foot Care

How to looking after your Cracked heels

When it comes to foot care. The first thing anyone complains or has an issue with is dry cracked heels. I think generally everyone will or have suffered from it at some point due to lack of foot care. We get so busy with life and daily chores we don't always get the chance to sit down for 10 minutes and just look after our feet. I highly recommend you do this as it can result in many problems in the future. I mean like result in the obvious dry cracked heels, fungal infections, in grown toe nails, athletes foot, calluses, bunions etc.

To maintain and prevent cracked heels here is what you should do :

Wear comfortable and closed shoes. No sandels or open back shoes - this can make it worse.

Daily Moisturiser -  twice a day morning and evening. Use a good foot cream or balm that contains urea. This will help restore and get the feet hydrated again. Once your feet gets into its normal smooth surface you can switch it up to normal daily creams.

Soak you feet in warm water and exfoliate at least once a week. This give your feet a chance to deep clean, get rid of dead skin especially rough dry skin.

Use pemi stone or feet brush to help get rid of the dry dead skin.

Moisturing foot pack is a must. We have so many foot packs in the market now formulated to soak your feet up with good nourishing ingredients, such as Tree Tee, Aloe Vera and peppermint etc.
I also have some great homemade foot exfoliating tips for you ladies to try out yourself and on your family.

Next post will be sharing the best balms, creams and lotion for cracked heel...

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