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During my body care month and also while I was containing my skincare regime, I got these amazing handmade products sent to me. These are made in the UK and the best bit that I love is they contain many great ingredients in each product. This is a professional range for all massage and beauty therapists. They have been awarded Bronze and Silver in 2018 Natural Beauty Awards and Skincare award.
I've been using the Massage Balm religiously after my manicure and pedicure. Its really helped nourished and keep all chapped skin away around my nail area and it smells divine. I love organic smells and this has defiantly got strong smells that identify each product.
I've used the Cleansing balm and Healing Serum together during make up removal. Again lovely combination and the smells are lush. You really feel like you've had a great treatment done to your skin. The cleansing balm is so nice and waxy yet melts into skin and removes makeup nicely.
I highly recommend these products to those who love a treat to your skin and body. They have such a wide range of products its guaranteed to have something for you.
I saw this company during the Professional Beauty event in the beginning of Jan 2018. I felt in love with their set up and tested out a few of their products. I just new I had to try them out as it was luxury brand and all handmade.
I love how this brand came together by a Mother and Daughter who wanted something different in the Skincare market. They have not just got an amazing knowledge but putting both background work together and creating something so essential for all skin and body types it shows they have a passion and worked so hard to create these gorgeous products. I admire strong women that work hard and put so much effort into their products.

Cleansing Balm
32g £32.50

The Cleansing Balm has a delightful fresh fragrance. The combination of wax and oils will melt on the skin to lift dirt and debris away without clogging the pores. It comes with a muslin cloth and can also be used with a hot flannel. For a bath-time hydrating mask, leave on for five minutes before removing in the usual way. Rice Bran wax provides a protective barrier that is non-comedogenic. The Apricot Kernel oil and Shea Butter are non-greasy and emollient, with a high Vitamin E content. Lemon oil is antibacterial, astringent and cleansing, while Geranium is deeply calming, relaxing and nourishing

Packed with natural ingredients to boost the skin’s radiance without irritating
Cleans and hydrates dryer skin types, balances combination and oily skin
Apricot oil and shea butter will dissolve make-up and grime to leave skin soft and clean
Essential oils of lemon and geranium help to deeply cleanse and balance the complexion
Comes with a muslin cloth for gentle exfoliation

How to use: Take a 5 pence sized amount and warm between clean hands until liquid. Massage over a dry face and remove with cloth and warm water. Repeat for a deeper cleanse and exfoliation. Can also be left on a clean face for 5 minutes as a mask, and removed with a hot cloth.

Healing Serum
25ml £45.00

Packed with essential fatty acids and anti-oxidants, the Healing Touch Serum has been developed to give your skin everything it needs from day to day, as well as specific help when extra care is required. The light blend of highly potent oils is easily absorbed into the skin so only a small amount is needed. Use as a treatment after exposure to the sun, and as a protective shield against weather extremes. For a deeply nourishing effect, use at night underneath the Moisture Cream. Healing Touch Serum can also be used on scar tissue to assist in skin regeneration.

A light but highly potent blend of nutritious oils including plum kernel, argan, rose hip, pomegranate seed and sea buckthorn

Use on its own as a deeply nourishing facial massage oil, to smooth fine lines, repair sun damage and scarring.
Apply before the Moisture Cream as a nighttime booster for dry, mature skin

The highest quality natural oils, in a light carrier oil that will permeate into the deepest layers of the skin

Massage balm
100g £21.95

100% natural, hand-blended massage balm, made with rice bran wax and pure essential oils for a range of therapeutic effects. Our versatile massage balms: Contain 100% natural ingredientsProvide terrific slippage for massageCondition and moisturise skin with no oily residueAre useful for reflexology are extremely practical as there is no spillage

For massage, the amount you need will depend on the surface area to be covered and skin’s rate of absorption. Using a spatula, take a pea size amount and warm between clean hands. Apply to the skin using gentle, sweeping movements. Repeat for a larger surface area. Other uses – as a cuticle balm, a hydrating foot massage or try adding a dollop to your bath!

Lavender & Clary Sage essential oils are analgesic, warming and sedating. This blend is particularly good for anyone suffering with insomnia or anxiety. Lavender essential oil can be used to treat any physical symptoms that are the result of stress. It also has mild analgesic properties, which make it useful in the treatment of all forms of muscular pains. Lavender also helps to treat a variety of skin conditions, such as burns, stings, dermatitis, eczema and acne.̃ Clary Sage essential oil has a warming and sedating effect and can create feelings of well-being and calmness. A renowned anti- depressant, clary sage lifts the spirits and is excellent for treating nervous tension and many stress-related diseases. 

Please note this information has been added from their website. For more details and information on other amazing products visit:

Saddle Street Farm, Thorncombe, Dorset, TA20 4PY

Instagram: @lovegroveessentials
Twitter: @LovegroveSkin

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