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Yes! All about Skin 4 Must do's during this Winter Guys i can't express how important it is to keep your Skin hydrated and looked after properly. This will make your Body and Skin feel good and Healthy. Heres 4 Tips that i recommend for EVERYONE. It works for me and really helps my Skin feel alive. Drink plenty of Water. We think we have to drink alot during Summer as its hot but we have to keep that going during the Winter Season. When its Cold we intend to drink more Teas and Hot drinks however 2litre of Water daily is highly recommended for our Body. This keeps your Body and Skin hydrated from inside and out. Moisture. Moisture daily and after every wash. This don't mean just Morning and Evening, it also means after shower/bath or even washes after prayers or washing dishes. Make sure you use the same Cream, Oil or Moisturize that suits your Skin. Exfoliate. Exfoliate the Skin regularly. This helps to get rid of dead cells thats lies on you