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Ramadan Skin Care Have you been keeping up with your Skin Care regime? Have you changed it up in any way? Do you need to bother with Skin Care this Month? So many questions regarding Skin Care during Ramadan but the answer is simple. YES you need to look after your Skin during this Month. Its more important to continue your Skin regime and work around fasting to keep up with drinking water and hydrating your inner and outer Body. I put out a poll on my Instagram few days back and I couldn't believe more then 60% said they have not been bothered with their Skin during this Month. I know how hard fasting gets specially when the hours are very long and you have such less sleep e.t.c. However it can be done and you can maintain your Skin Care. Work around timings that work for you. Here's how I keep up with my current Skin Care and can happily say my Skin looks and feels great even though fasting can be draining and very tiring. Morning Face Once I wake up, doesn