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Hair Care

Haircare Let's break down a basic hair care which is essential and must do to maintain healthy strong hair. Daily brushing Every morning with your normal brushing teeth, washing face routine brushing your hair a must. It's sunnah plus it's doesn't knot. There are so many opinions. Some say no way don't brush your hair daily as its bad and your hair falls out. Others say brush it daily as it stimulates the hair and scalp and keeps your hair in better conditions. Now my personal pick is daily brushing at least once. I can understand people who have less or thin hair can skip a day or two but generally thick bushy hair should be combed once a day. Over-brushing is a problem as it can damage the hair and take out hair so a few brush strokes daily are good. If you have the correct brush you should be fine eg detangler for thick curly hair. Brushing your hair before washing It is highly recommended to brush your hair before you wash your hair. That way all the