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Black Tissue Detox Mask - is this any good? Excuse the scary face haha... I saw this during a quick shop at Home Bargains last weekend. Looks great with all the claims so I thought why not try it out. Plus this was a bargain! I use a lot of Masks and love experimenting with new products now and then. My Skin is sensitive and very dry that's why I like to try out different Masks to help my Facial Skin in many ways. This is made from a brand called XBC Xpel Body Care. honestly never heard of them in my life. first time came across it. Its Black Tissue Charcoal Detox Facial Mask. That's what caught my attention and wanted to try this out. Love any types of Detox Masks. It really helps my dry Skin and pore area. This highlights that's its Anti-Blemish , Revitalising and Purifying. Once pack is opened use immediately. The Mask has specially been designed to remove dirt and impurities from Skin. Using active carbon particle technology to help in-clog pores