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CLAY MASK DUPE Loreal VS Derma V10 Everyone knows about the Loreal Detox Clay Mask. It's amazing and I use it alot. Works well and great for a drugstore Mask. However I have just come across a Dupe - Yes its exactly the SAME but has added beneifits to its product. This is called Derma V10 CLAY MASK. Have a look at the images and see how identical they are... Additional beneifits added to this Clay - Vitamin E and Honey to help nourish, smooth and moisture your Skin. Also this is Suitable for Vegetarians. Now here are images of the Loreal packaging... The same claims: Detox Mask - Charcoal Contains 50ml - 10 Applications  Deep cleans Pores, tightens and removes excess oils Leaves Skin feeling smooth and nourished  Packaging is very simular and pot sizes, packaging are the same. The ingredients are very simular again and how to apply and use is the same. Derma V10 retails at £1.99 Loreal Detox Mask ret
Black Tissue Detox Mask - is this any good? Excuse the scary face haha... I saw this during a quick shop at Home Bargains last weekend. Looks great with all the claims so I thought why not try it out. Plus this was a bargain! I use a lot of Masks and love experimenting with new products now and then. My Skin is sensitive and very dry that's why I like to try out different Masks to help my Facial Skin in many ways. This is made from a brand called XBC Xpel Body Care. honestly never heard of them in my life. first time came across it. Its Black Tissue Charcoal Detox Facial Mask. That's what caught my attention and wanted to try this out. Love any types of Detox Masks. It really helps my dry Skin and pore area. This highlights that's its Anti-Blemish , Revitalising and Purifying. Once pack is opened use immediately. The Mask has specially been designed to remove dirt and impurities from Skin. Using active carbon particle technology to help in-clog pores
Oral Hygiene IT'S NOT ALL ABOUT JUST WHITING YOUR TEETH.. When it comes to Teeth, its not always about how white they are. Your whole mouth needs to be looked after and cleaned on a daily basis. Brushing teeth Brushing your teeth twice a day. That's a must. Take your time and brush each tooth in all directions. Experts say to brush at least for 2 whole minutes. Using an electric brush is very effective as it reaches most parts of your tooth without you having to do the work. Manually brushing your teeth means it will take longer but I find you can really feel a differnce doing it the old fashion way. Floss Now flossing is another must. This way you are taking out all left over food bits in between each teeth which you cant reach with your brush. You can get string style floss which you use both hands to floss with. Make sure you do it gently and go with thw direction of tour teeth to avoid cutting gums or bleeding. You can even get floss that are ready made on s
DO WE HAVE TO SLEEP WITH OUT A BRA? WOMEN FACTS - MUST KNOW Well many people have different opinions about this topic. I done a little research my self and thought I will share with you guys on what I've learnt and what I think? Benefits of sleeping without a Bra: Wearing under wire or tight bra all day long can cause pain specially when sleeping with it. It does not help in anyway of shaping or reducing sagging breast which have been proven and tested. Tight bra's can even cause the risk of pigmentation increase during a whole day wear and even through out night time. This is why not wearing a bra is suggested as one of the best options. Wearing a bra more then 12 hours a day is risky. When sleeping with a bra on your blood is not getting the chance to circulate well. As a result this can cause abnormal cell to emerge inside which can grow as cancer cells. This can cause breast cancer. Experts recommend to sleep without bra to minimize the risk of breast canc
THE TRUTH DON'T WEAR YOUR UNDERWEAR TO BED A week ago I was flicking through my Snapchat and I noticed a Cosmopolitan Snap which highlighted - DO NOT WEAR UNDERWEAR TO BED. That instantly made me read about it and put thousands of questions in my mind. My initial thought's were 'ewwwww why would you not wear underwear to bed isn't that disgusting?' 'Is it not uncomfortable not to wear shorts or underwear to bed?' 'I don't think this is something many people do? Do they?' Many more questions came up... Well once I read the article and then researched more about this topic it made me think twice. So I thought why not share this topic with my readers. It is a very interesting topic plus you get to learn a few facts that you may not have known. Most Women and Men wear underwear when sleeping. Wether they are wearing knickers, thongs or shorts its simply covered. The main facts that i will be pointing out are for Women. Coverin
FEBUARY TALK - SHAHNAZ ISLAM As well as Skin Care and Make Up, it is so important to know facts about our Body and Hygiene. This Month I will be focusing on topics which discuss Body Facts and Must do's to keeping clean and Hygiene up to standards. Blogs lined up which will cover the following; ORAL HYGIENE - MUST DO! DO WE HAVE TO SLEEP WITH OUT A BRA? THE TRUTH - DON'T WEAR YOUR UNDERWEAR TO BED WOMEN SHOULD NOT USE SHOWER GEL OR SOAP There are many more Topics which will be up on my Blog. Don't forget to FOLLOW my page. DON'T MISS headline Blogs Exclusively this Month! Shahnaz Islam x