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Have I just found a Dupe? DermaV10 Rescue Oil Right so this has to be one of my favourite brands which I just keep going back to. Not only do they keep on impressing me with the products they bring out. Trust me you will need to try them yourself and see the results to understand they really work and they are super affordable. Retails at £1.95 - 75ml I bought mine from Savers Ok let's start off with some information on the oil it self then I will go into my review and if it really does what it says? This Oil is specially formulated to help with: ● Strech Marks ● Scars ● Dry Skin  ● Ageing Skin  ● Blemishes Suitable for sensitive skin. Image; Here's a little description of what the oil helps with and whats included in the ingredients.  For best results apply twice a day for a minimum of 12 weeks. During pregnancy apply twice daily during the last 3 month's. Individual results will vary. The bottle top is just