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EVERY WOMEN - MUST USE Feminine Wash With any type of cleaning regime your intimate area is VERY IMPORTANT and delicate so the right cleaning is necessary. Alot of women don't know how to correctly wash or clean their privates. Well i will give you some quick info on how to and what to use. Your pH balance down below is more acidic then any other parts of your Skin or body. You don't want to use the wrong products like normal shower gel or soaps which can upset the pH levels. These types of washes are specially made to have low pH levels to balance out the natural levels in your intimate area so it does not cause any irritation. Femfresh is a great brand which has a few great products that are specifically for those areas. From intimate wash to soothing wash. They have different washes and wipes. They also have deodorants and shave creams. This wash is my favourite. Iv been using it for years and works exactly how it claims. Never have I have a reaction or ha