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BEN NYE LUXURY POWDER Yeh or Nay ? ? ? * Ben Nye Powder * Who uses this and whats your thoughts ? ? ? @bennyemakeup After such a Hype when Kim Kardashian, Make up by Mario and other amazing Artists used this Powder i bought this from @pam_london (Instagram page) as they were on offer and used it couple times on my self and few clients. Honest review this was Over Hyped. Seriously after trying this out the basic Muacosmetics Powder is even better then this🙈. (Much cheaper and a drugstore brand) This is my own opinion and don't like the finishing look on the Make up. I'll be mixing these tones and using up but won't be purchasing these Powders again👎 Second Image details: Top : Banana - Luxury Powder 3oz.85gm Bottom:  MHV-0 Camel - Luxiry Powder 92oz.26gm. So yeh this is a Nayyy for me. 📸Photocredit : @shahnazislam_ ( My Instagram page)