Harrod’s Trailing Recycle Scheme

Got an email and I noticed this new recycle scheme which Harrod’s is trialing out. This will actually be fantastic as recycling beauty goods in all stores will encourage many beauty lovers to be more environmentally friendly đź‘Ť  My Beauty Recycle and Reward has started (14th January) for 3 months to see how it gets on. This scheme is available in Milton Keynes store at the moment. They are encouraging customers to take down their beauty products, mini of 5 empty products to get recycling and enjoy some rewards. You can recycle any make up skincare beauty  bottles and even nail polish and fragrance bottles. A lot of beauty products are not recyclable in many stores due to being hazardous and many other factors but nail polish and perfumes can be recycled here which is amazing. I think this is brilliant and I really hope this becomes permanent and available in all stores. Had to share it with you all and I would love to know if you do pop by and use the scheme, how you find it and what d


Re-usable Pads - Was it a hit or a miss? First things first - sharing full information on these pads which I kindly got sent to review and test out. Details and claims Dame have put up on their description/website. DAME. Award-winning sustainable period products. ( Reusable Pad Set with Dry Bag Retails at £34.99 - Includes  1 Liner Pad -  18.5 cms long and ideal for very light flows, bladder leaks, spotting, and discharge. 1 Regular Pad -  20.5cm long and absorbs the equivalent of 1 Super tampon (9-12 grams). Good for most days of your period 1 Night Pad -  28cms long and absorbs the equivalent of 1 DAME Super Plus tampon (12-15 grams). The longer size and extra absorbency is perfect for night time. 1 Watertight Dry Bag. 5 layers of leak-free technical comfort. SOFT OUTER SHELL Super-soft natural fibres that stay comfortable against your skin  (lyocell, organic cotton) FAST ABSORBING MID-LAYERS A wicking top layer draws moisture away from your skin in seconds  (polyamide,

SPF I use on my children

SPF I use on my children - Age 3, 5 and 8. I know as parents, we have a 101 things to do from the moment we wake up, lets be real we just about remember doing our own selfcare routine. However I can not stress how important it is to get your children into a good habit/routine on taking the steps of washing their face, applying cream and then SPF. If my 3 year can say and point out which one is SPF from a cream, we all can do this :) Children copy us, everything we say and do including emotions, physical actions and how we act when positive and negative. What am getting at is, if you yourself share a happiness/ positive mode when doing your morning and evening skincare routine, they will do the same.  Tip: Tell them SPF protects your skin from burning, that's how my lot understand the difference between a normal cream and an SPF. Apply after your cream so the last one is SPF sitting on top of your skin to protect it. You guys keep asking so here is a few products I use on my childre


The only SPF product you need! Since this was launched, it has been a staple skincare product in my routine. Honestly hands down one of the best and does exactly what an SPF should do - Protects your skin with added saffron which  helps to brighten your skin at the same time. Lets share some information first. BRIGHTENING MINERAL SUNSCREEN SPF 50 Natural | Organic | Safe | Effective |  Alcohol Free |  Fragrance Free Comedogenic Rating 2 Weightless formula which leaves no white cast on your skin. It is also water resistant for up to 40 minutes and is suitable for all the family. My children all over 3 use this :)  Infused with saffron for added brightening properties, SPF50 is like none other offering you   full protection from UVA and UVB rays  (up to 98%), as well as helping tackle hyperpigmentation. Saffron helps fade the appearance of dark circles, hyperpigmentation and fine lines, resulting in a brighter complexion. Fwbeauty suncream also includes Aloe Vera which helps in re


Salam I will get straight into this blog and share the brands I will not be promoting or sharing any support. I have done my own research and found so many sites, blogs and direct websites that show off who are associated or work with Isr**l.  As i share a lot of Skin and beauty products -  will be sharing the main two large companies which I am boycotting (You can also check my Instagram for the Reel/ List from their website of these brands) Estee Lauder Companies -  all brands under this company Aerin Beauty Aramis Aveda Becca Cosmetics Bobbi Brown Bumble and Bumble Clinique Darphine DKNY Donna Karen Cosmetics Dr Jart+ Editions de Parfums Federic Malle Ermenegildo Zegna Parfums Estee Lauder Glamglow Jo Malone London Kilian Paris La Mer Lab Series Le Labo M.A.C Cosmetics Michael Kors Beauty Origins Rodin olio lusso Smashbox Tom Ford Beauty Tommy Hilfiger Too Faced The DECIEM family of brands, including The Ordinary and NIOD. Loreal  https://www.lor

Boots recycling system - Scan and recycle

I am so so happy to hear Boots and No7 have now got an easy way to recycle your cosmetics and health, wellness products plus you get points  - that's brilliant. To see another big brand get involved with recycling and making it more environmentally friendly is amazing. I have previously shared a few places where you can recycle your beauty and cosmetics bottles and since then a few more have added so will update this. Boots have quite a few stores that are participating in this recycle scheme which you can check via their website. Every 5 empty products you take back, Boots give you 500 points. That's worth £5. Now that's fantastic. They are using a scan to recycle technology.  You can take back any beauty, health, wellness and even dental products. Check their terms and conditions to double check. All you have to do is sign up and share your empty pictures to bank items. I just signed up so I will share my experience and let you

Mild Toners

So you beauties wanted a few mild toner mentions and here it is. These are all suitable for all skin types and sensitive skin however please note everyones skin is different and what may work for me might not work for you. Always do a test patch before full use. You can start off by using these every other day then build up to daily use. Once skin is use to it and happy with you toning. You can use twice a day after cleansing/washing skin. Do use with re-usable cotton pads. Let's be environmentally friendly. Nivea 2 in 1 cleanser and toner. This one is great for sensitive skin and is very moisturising. It is a thick white creamy consistency. This is a 2 in 1 so you can use this as your first cleanser too.  Available in Superdrugs, Home bargains and many other stores. Pixi Rose tonic. If you love rose then you would love this mild toner. This is suitable for all skin types. Can be used twice a day into your routine. Great to use after masking. Has a light rose scent. Available in di