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WHY DO I WEAR MAKE UP? A question I asked myself? Now a days, girl start young with Make up. School girls are wearing full glam face and even little girls aged 5 wear Make up. Social Media and the craze of Make up has really influenced young girls. I didn't even own an Eyeliner till I hit 15. During my Teen Years I hardly wore or owned Make Up products. I was never in to Make Up or anything 'Girly'. At School I was a Tomboy, yes I was. Time to time me and my Sisters would play around with my Mum's Lipsticks and Perfume. That's literally the closest we got to Make Up. All the way till end of Year 10 before I started Collage. My basic Make Up was lip pencil harshly pencilled all over my Lips. When I think about it, I just can't help laughing. Once I started Collage thats when I started applying Eyeliner and Mascara. So my youth was not around Make Up it just slowly grew on to me. I got marred at 19, just after collage. That was when my whole though