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SPF I use on my children

SPF I use on my children - Age 3, 5 and 8. I know as parents, we have a 101 things to do from the moment we wake up, lets be real we just about remember doing our own selfcare routine. However I can not stress how important it is to get your children into a good habit/routine on taking the steps of washing their face, applying cream and then SPF. If my 3 year can say and point out which one is SPF from a cream, we all can do this :) Children copy us, everything we say and do including emotions, physical actions and how we act when positive and negative. What am getting at is, if you yourself share a happiness/ positive mode when doing your morning and evening skincare routine, they will do the same.  Tip: Tell them SPF protects your skin from burning, that's how my lot understand the difference between a normal cream and an SPF. Apply after your cream so the last one is SPF sitting on top of your skin to protect it. You guys keep asking so here is a few products I use on my childre