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Breaking out with new skincare routine?

Are you breaking out with your new skincare? Have you noticed more pimples and irritation? Is it time to ditch the products or switch it up? I don't know what to do help? Ok firstly let's make this simple as I don't want to confuse or make it over complicated. There are two facts that will happen to your skin. Purging or breakouts. Purging is something that is happening to your skin which you will notice pimples, little spots and 'breakouts' we would call it after a product is being used in skin and its working to lift all the dead cells and old clogged dirt etc. That's a simple way of explaining it as I don't want to get too technical. If you're breaking out in place you usually get a pimple or spots then that's not a bad thing it means your new routine is working and you need to allow your skin to get used to the products and allow your skin to replace its old skin. Breakouts in terms of new ones in new places. Irritation and redn