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Oral Hygiene IT'S NOT ALL ABOUT JUST WHITING YOUR TEETH.. When it comes to Teeth, its not always about how white they are. Your whole mouth needs to be looked after and cleaned on a daily basis. Brushing teeth Brushing your teeth twice a day. That's a must. Take your time and brush each tooth in all directions. Experts say to brush at least for 2 whole minutes. Using an electric brush is very effective as it reaches most parts of your tooth without you having to do the work. Manually brushing your teeth means it will take longer but I find you can really feel a differnce doing it the old fashion way. Floss Now flossing is another must. This way you are taking out all left over food bits in between each teeth which you cant reach with your brush. You can get string style floss which you use both hands to floss with. Make sure you do it gently and go with thw direction of tour teeth to avoid cutting gums or bleeding. You can even get floss that are ready made on s