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Lovegrove Essentials

Lovegrove Essentials Luxury Facial Skincare During my body care month and also while I was containing my skincare regime, I got these amazing handmade products sent to me. These are made in the UK and the best bit that I love is they contain many great ingredients in each product. This is a professional range for all massage and beauty therapists. They have been awarded Bronze and Silver in 2018 Natural Beauty Awards and Skincare award. I've been using the Massage Balm religiously after my manicure and pedicure. Its really helped nourished and keep all chapped skin away around my nail area and it smells divine. I love organic smells and this has defiantly got strong smells that identify each product. I've used the Cleansing balm and Healing Serum together during make up removal. Again lovely combination and the smells are lush. You really feel like you've had a great treatment done to your skin. The cleansing balm is so nice and waxy yet melts into skin and rem