Olay Regenerist 3 Point Super Cleansing System

Olay Regenerist 3 Point Super Cleansing System
As you ladies know I have been using this for a months now. Let me start off by sharing details about the product from their own product information then I will share you my thoughts.

Boots and Amazon do this product.

Four and half star rating and good reviews from customers.

4x better cleansing + gently exfoliates + effectively prepares the skin for your anti ageing routine *tested on cleansing make-up and exfoliation vs. Olay skin perfecting cleanser alone. An Olay face moisturiser provides the essential anti-ageing ingredients that your skin needs to stay younger looking. With our extensive range of products, we recommend trying the Olay regime, with a serum or Olay treatment cream (such as an eye cream), used with a face cream for the day, and then accompanied by a night cream to help moisturise your skin whilst you sleep.

How to use:
Preparing the 3 point super cleansing system for use.

Installing Brush Head:

Press the brush head onto the connection pin until it locks into position with a click. For best results, replace brush head every 3 months or sooner if bristles become worn.

Directions for Use:

Dampen facial skin and brush head with water.

Dispense Regenerist skin perfecting cleanser in your hand and massage over face.

Turn on cleansing brush and gently move around the face for approximately 60 seconds.

Avoid the eye area.

Rinse face and brush head with water.

Installing and Removing Batteries:

Gently rock the battery compartment side to side while pulling to release battery cover. Remove both old batteries if present and insert new batteries, Type AA/LR6, aligning +/- symbols. Replace battery cover.

Best use with Olay Regenerist Skin Perfecting Cleanser and Olay Regenerist 3 point range (Day & Night Cream)

Hazards and Cautions

AVOID DIRECT CONTACT WITH EYES AND HAIRLINE/HAIR. IF SKIN IRRITATION OR REDNESS OCCURS, DISCONTINUE USE. As this product increases exfoliation of facial cleansers, it may also increase your skin’s sensitivity to the sun. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN.

Features and Benefits
  • A revolutionary cleansing system from Olay, the N#1 skincare brand * Euromonitor 2011, UK Value share, Facial care category reading
  • As effective as a £180 cleansing device* *tested on make-up cleansing vs. a range of other relevant and publicly available cleansing devices within and up to £180 price bracket - UK 2012
  • Remove makeup 4x more effectively than manual cleanser *Tested on cleansing make-up vs. Olay skin perfecting cleanser alone
  • Effectively prepares the skin for your anti ageing routine
  • Up to 30% increase in absorption of anti-aging ingredients* *into skin surface vs. clean alone on unclean skin
  • Respectful of the skin’s moisture barrier
  • 2-speed system, water-resistant for use in the shower
  • Shaped to suit the contours of your face for better removal of dirt and makeup even in the T-zone and chin

Ok so let's get into my review. I love it! I am so impressed that this is so affordable and does the same job as most branded expensive facial brushes do. It has two-speed modes which you can choose whichever suits your needs. I use the normal speed for daily use and sometimes once a week or when removing makeup I use the faster speed. I really like how you don't have to sit there doing the circular motions, the brush does spinning so it does the job for you. It's very therapeutic. You can really feel your skin getting a deep clean. You have to be careful you don't over exfoliate as you can get carried away hehe. Yes, it did it lol. Just use it gently and it does the job. The head can be replaced. If using daily I would follow their recommended 3 months change over to a new head. Its such a lovely size so easy to pack away with you and carry on holiday or your weekend breaks. Its battery powered so no need of charging which I personally find better. I would rather change AA batteries as it lasts longer. 
I highly recommend this for anyone who suffers from dry skin and normal skin type. Anyone with acne-prone or sensitive skin, best to use a less harsh exfoliation before trying this so let your skin heel after a good daily routine then you can try this. 

Love this, am so glad I choose to try this one out instead of an expensive facial brush.
    oh by the way ladies - I bought mine from Amazon for £15.99 - Now that's a bargain! (That was over a year ago, it's still under £20)
    Here is the Link if you are interested:

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