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Dark elbows and knees

How to get get rid of dark knees and elbow I think a lot of us Asian women have darker tones on our knees and elbow which is so annoying at times. Those areas do get darker over time if it's not looked after properly plus the skin is rough and not moisturised or hydrated enough. Here are some simple homemade 100% natural remedies to help reduce the darkness. You must do this as a daily routine and maintain it to see results. Please do a skin test before trying as more then 60% does absorb into the skin. 🔷 Baking Soda and Milk. Baking soda helps to clean and exfoliate. It also removes dead skin cells which is great. The milk is moisturising the skin. Make sure after using this paste, wash and moisturise using coconut oil. 🔷 10-day method for both knees and elbow Honey, olive oil, freshly squeezed lemon juice and baking soda. This mix uses it for 10days you will start seeing a difference. This method needs to be applied and left overnight. Then washed off in the mornin