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What is Skincare Challange?

These are from previous Skincare Challenge months. I love my skincare challenge months. I have been doing these over 5 years now, educating, teaching and sharing tips and tricks. Helping you choose the right care for your skin. (I share everything from body, hair, hands and feet too) Selfcare is so important for us in many ways. Especially us mums. Now what is skincare challenge? Simple a month of religious use of the basic products needed for your skin to understand and get use to a self-care routine. This includes daily care and weekly care. A morning (am) routine an evening (pm) routine and some fun extra pampering sessions like masking days during the week.  Who is this for? You can be someone who is just starting or just not sure if your routine is working. You can even be someone who’s an expert and love using lots of products but just want to step back to basics for a while or even someone who wants to start to add new products into their routine. Basically anyone, any ages and