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What's your skin type?

Skin types How to work out what type of skin you have? There are 5 types of skin type however I believe there are more. Let me go through a simple way of explaining and identifying the 5 types then will go into my thoughts on other skin types.  1. Normal Skin Wouldn't we all just want a normal skin type? Well what is normal skin -  Normal skin is someone who doesn't have oily or dry skin. They will have small size pores, no excess shine on their skin, few lines and wrinkles, skin tone even and no marks or blemishes. Also, no sunburns, irritation when using creams, oils and gels plus no major skin issues or problems like eczema.  Sounds like the perfect skin but even if you have a normal skin type it is important to follow a daily skincare routine to help maintain your skin balanced and keep your skin looking healthy and clean. It is normal to have the hormonal breakouts now and then so keep a daily routine going. 2. Dry Skin Now t