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Basic Skin Care Musts!

Basic Skin Care Musts! I want you ladies (those who want to start from scratch or new to skincare routine) start off with the main basic skin care products. This will allow you to give time and control of getting use to a daily routine and gradually adding more and any additional products that you want to try to your regime. When picking products for your skin care, it’s hard to know what to start off with so here's my basic take on what you need to really get your skin game strong. This is for all skin types and for anyone who's starting from the beginning. Morning Routine Face Wash / Cleanser Moisture SPF - Sunscreen min 30 factor  Night Routine  Face Wash / Cleansing balm  Moisture Weekly routine Exfoliator / Exfoliant 2x a week in your evening routine Taking off Make up routine Make up remover Cleaners/Toner Moisture (you can use the same moisture for AM & PM routine. Now this is the easiest, basic list you need to start your skin

Are you washing your face properly?

How to wash your face Ok so you’re thinking - she’s joking right? No am serious. Do we really know how to properly clean and wash our face daily? It is so important to do it the right way so your skin is clean and fresh. Plus it’s a good skin habit. Not everyone uses these steps. It's literally splash your face with water and rub off with a towel. Well there’s a technique to everything, specially when it comes to something so simple yet delicate. Here's my tips on how to wash your face correctly. 1. Wash your face with warm water. Once you’re awake and brushed your teeth. Start off by washing your face with warm water. Using your hands, wash your whole face and neck area. Make sure your hands are washed before doing this and if you use any soap product or hand wash then it is clean from it so it doesn't transfer on to your face. Wash your face with warm water as this is more gentle on your skin. Don't wash with hot or cold straight away as this can irr


Skin types How to work out what type of skin you have? There are 5 types of Skin type however I believe there are more. Let me go through a simple way of explaining and identifying the 5 types then will go in to my thoughts on other skin types.  1. Normal Skin Wouldn't we all just want a normal skin type? Well what is normal skin -  Normal skin is someone who doesn't have oily or dry skin. They will have small size pores, no excess shine on their skin, few lines and wrinkles, skin tone even and no marks or blemishes. Also no sun burns, irritation when using creams, oils and gels plus no major skin issues or problems like eczema.  Sounds like the perfect skin but even if you have a normal skin type it is important to follow a daily skin care routine to help maintain your skin balance and keep your skin looking healthy and clean. It is normal to have the hormonal breakouts now and then so keep a daily routine going. 2. Dry Skin Now that's my skin typ