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Sleek Eyebrow Kit - Dark 818 I love doing my Brows and I have tried so many products. This ones from the Sleek Brand. I have been using this for 3 years before I got my ABH Brow kit. This is so good for everyday wear. I don't go out without Brows and this became my best friend. Photocredit:  @ShahnazIslam_ This compact Kit comes with two small Brow Brush and a mini Tweezer. That is so useful. All in one Kit. Left side is a Creamy Waxy Dark Brown Brow Product and the Right side is a Brown Matte Shadow. Here's the back of the Palette which contains all the info you need to know. Including the expiry time and Ingredient. A quick swatch on my hand Skin to show you the Brown tone ( Left side of Palette ) its so smooth and glides on perfectly with the mini brush. I would recommend this Kit for anyone with Brown to Dark Brown Brows. Its got the perfect Brown shade and works very well with both products. You can even use one shade to creat