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Halal Skincare by Shahnaz Islam

It's finally here - Alhamdulillah HALAL SKINCARE  By Shahnaz Islam A basic guide, simple yet 40 pages mini booklet. Sharing product details, description, ingredients, how to use, product size available and expire dates. Additional benefits like fragrance free, nut free, Vegan etc are also added on to the listed products. Now you can have a booklet stored in your phone with a peace of mind to search and buy Alcohol free products in the market from Natural, Organic to drugstore and of course Luxury. Not all brands claim their products are alcohol free, only if they did it would of made life easy.  These have been confirmed by the brands listed and I have researched well and hard my self to check ingredientson some. Everyone who purchases this will receive a FREE updated version with in the next 6 months. Your purchase will include a % towards Hurriya Charity. Once you purchase, your PDF file will be emailed over within 24 hours. £3.99 - Paypal: Shahnaz_islam86@h