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THE TRUTH DON'T WEAR YOUR UNDERWEAR TO BED A week ago I was flicking through my Snapchat and I noticed a Cosmopolitan Snap which highlighted - DO NOT WEAR UNDERWEAR TO BED. That instantly made me read about it and put thousands of questions in my mind. My initial thought's were 'ewwwww why would you not wear underwear to bed isn't that disgusting?' 'Is it not uncomfortable not to wear shorts or underwear to bed?' 'I don't think this is something many people do? Do they?' Many more questions came up... Well once I read the article and then researched more about this topic it made me think twice. So I thought why not share this topic with my readers. It is a very interesting topic plus you get to learn a few facts that you may not have known. Most Women and Men wear underwear when sleeping. Wether they are wearing knickers, thongs or shorts its simply covered. The main facts that i will be pointing out are for Women. Coverin