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Sunnah way of trimming your nails

Sunnah way of trimming your nails As a Muslim women I try my best to follow sunnah and fardh ways of living like how our Prophet (pbuh) advised us to. Everything has a way of doing something or a purpose. Like trimming your nails is simple but there's a method to it which you get rewarded for doing it :) Here's how to trim your nails, Hands and feet the correct way. Try trimming it once a week or every so often (Depending on how long your nails grow) I like to do it on a Friday as it's Jummah and reminds me to trim my nails before bath. Plus mentally I know am preparing my self for Jummah Salah so it helps to remember to trim nails in the correct way. Hands Starting from your right hand index finger first, (I always remember this as this finger goes up when your doing your last part of Salah ) then continue from right to middle, 4th and 5th little finger. Then you move on to your left hand little finger, 4th, middle then index finger and your thumb. You finish off