Basic Skin Care Musts!

Basic Skin Care Musts!

I want you ladies (those who want to start from scratch or new to skincare routine) start off with the main basic skin care products. This will allow you to give time and control of getting use to a daily routine and gradually adding more and any additional products that you want to try to your regime. When picking products for your skin care, it’s hard to know what to start off with so here's my basic take on what you need to really get your skin game strong.

This is for all skin types and for anyone who's starting from the beginning.

Morning Routine
Face Wash / Cleanser
SPF - Sunscreen min 30 factor 

Night Routine 
Face Wash / Cleansing balm 

Weekly routine
Exfoliator / Exfoliant 2x a week in your evening routine

Taking off Make up routine
Make up remover
Moisture (you can use the same moisture for AM & PM routine.

Now this is the easiest, basic list you need to start your skin care regime. Anything else can add on e.g serums, eye creams, treatments or facials can be added to your skin care routine once your skin is use to a daily normal routine. People with problematic skin please bear in mind if you start with the basic, slowly your skin will get use to the routine and may help clear a lot of skin issues. If skin is really bad, effected from sun burns, major dark circles, eczema etc. Please contact your G.P or dermatologist / professional for further help and advice.

Now all you need to do is select products that will be suitable for your skin type and begin your daily skincare regime.


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