What is Skincare Challange?

These are from previous Skincare Challenge months.

I love my skincare challenge months. I have been doing these over 5 years now, educating, teaching and sharing tips and tricks. Helping you choose the right care for your skin. (I share everything from body, hair, hands and feet too) Selfcare is so important for us in many ways. Especially us mums.

Now what is skincare challenge? Simple a month of religious use of the basic products needed for your skin to understand and get use to a self-care routine. This includes daily care and weekly care. A morning (am) routine an evening (pm) routine and some fun extra pampering sessions like masking days during the week. 

Who is this for? You can be someone who is just starting or just not sure if your routine is working. You can even be someone who’s an expert and love using lots of products but just want to step back to basics for a while or even someone who wants to start to add new products into their routine. Basically anyone, any ages and anytime you can start ;)

Why do we need to do a challenge? Good question. I find when you do something in your daily routine for 2 weeks to a month in a row without any failure to stop. This becomes a natural habit and you can really push yourself to get into a good routine which adapts to your everyday life style. I actually started this when I saw a celebrity or should I say Instagram famous person sharing daily use of 10-15 products on their face without any description or sharing any knowledge to their followers. It gets very confusing and on top you have to spend your life saving on the amount of products and brands that were being used. I have always believed that the right care can be a good product which is not expensive or using 10 step routine. Actually a lot of drugstore brands are just as good. It’s all in the ingredients, the skin type you have and choosing the correct products for your skin concerns.

So what do we do? You organise your products first. Put them all out in front of you on a shelf or a cupboard. This will help remind you to do your care every time you see it. Plus this will give you a chance to finish what you have before spending on more products. There are many simple ways of organising your stash. Use baskets, shelfs, cabinet any type of storage that can help you keep everything together.

Ok once that's all organised, what's next? Starting on the 1st of the month, you simple join in everyday through my Instagram stories, (@Shahnazislam_ ) which will help remind you to do your routine. You morning routine will be wash, tone and moisturise. Not to forget your SPF. Evening routine will be double cleanse, tone and moisturise. That is how simple it is. You can share your product images and tag me to share your journey and that you are joining. #SkincarewithShahnaz. I love interacting with you all ❤️

As I go along through the month, I will be sharing detailed talks on products, masking session demos and so much more. You may pick up different techniques to help your routine or even switch or add products to your routine. It's a fun, relaxing yet a good habit to form. I like to believe in aging gracefully, so why not start that care at home.

I always encourage my followers to fill in a quick chart for yourself to follow (if this helps) take a selfie on the first, 7th, 14th and last day of the challenge month. This will show your results and progress. Start off basic and add on slowly. That is key as well as consistency. Once you do a religious routine for a month, you will naturally do your care on a daily basis. This is when you will feel great and love your natural skin. You just need to keep going and take care of you x

Hope you will be joining this challenge and enjoy my page :) 

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