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Are you using reusable pads? If not, why?
I have recently committed myself to ONLY using re-usable pads as I really want to help the environment and just stop buying disposable cotton pads. (I just seem to keep on buying pads and piling them up) It will take time as I have this thing about getting mascara marks on my pads but I can overcome this. Will be keeping two separate just for Makeup removal so even if they mark, they are clean. That is what is important. Allow the pads to fully dry before use.

Reusable Bamboo Makeup remover pad set.

  • 100 Percent NATURAL ORGANIC & REUSABLE - These reusable cotton pads make up remover pads are washable and can be used up to 1,000 times. Save money and our planet by reducing the use of plastic, fabric fluff and chemicals used in standard and other polyester-based microfiber pads which end up in our oceans and landfills. To wash, simply place them in the washing machine with your next laundry or by hand. Simple, quick and easy.
  • GREAT FOR TRAVEL - These palm-sized washable makeup pads are handy and portable; they are the perfect size for travelling. Light, small and compact. Fit them in the smallest of handbags, gym bag and purse for easy cosmetic application and clean up on the go!
  • THE PLATINUM PACKAGE - The Nurturify makeup remover face pads come in a beautifully packaged gift box containing 20 Bamboo cotton reusable pads. Stop wasting money on standard face wipes that damage your skin, wallet and our planet. Our pads are made from fabric derived from the best Bamboo. It is highly durable and a natural textile fibre making sure these organic pads will last you a long time and can remove anything from heavy makeup, oils and creams.
  • DOUBLE SIDED BAMBOO COTTON PADS FOR EXFOLIATION & CLEANSING – These reusable cotton pads are suitable for all skin types including sensitive skin, dry or oily skin and delicate eye areas. These eco-friendly large facial cleansing washable wipes are made to be soft and gentle on your skin whilst giving you a deep cleanse and removing any makeup. Exfoliate and remove any dirt deep down in.

Safety Information:
Avoid tumble drying to avoid shrinking of pads

Bamboo/Bamboo Cotton/ Cotton/ Organic Loofah

We advise you to wash/rinse the pads well before first use. Wet the pad with water or micellar water /cleansing product. Gently cleanse the skin in a round circular motion. Rinse and wash face. Pat dry using another pad if desired. Place the used pads in the laundry bag provided, tie a knot and wash in the washing machine. Alternatively, you can wash by hand.

My thoughts:

The reviews speak for itself and the quality is amazing. These will last you a very long time. You can really see the difference in other brands which have similar pads. The cheaper versions do show the quality and price of the product. This is one you won't be disappointed with as it is good for your money and quality.

Amazing gift idea for your loved ones. Love the pot design and it comes with a laundry bag which helps a lot to store all used pads and wash them all together in your weekly machine wash. 

Will keep you all updated and share more on these pads after a couple of months use. I will be using them on a daily basis with my toners. I plan to use 2 pads for eye makeup removal as mention above. They also have added a loofah wash pad which is great for your two-three times a week face exfoliation. Will give this my husband to use with his face wash as he loves these types of physical exfoliating pads.

I hope this can help you change in using reusable pads too.
#Selfcare can benefit the environment as well as YOU ❤

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