Well many people have different opinions about this topic. I done a little research my self and thought I will share with you guys on what I've learnt and what I think?

Benefits of sleeping without a Bra:

Wearing under wire or tight bra all day long can cause pain specially when sleeping with it. It does not help in anyway of shaping or reducing sagging breast which have been proven and tested. Tight bra's can even cause the risk of pigmentation increase during a whole day wear and even through out night time. This is why not wearing a bra is suggested as one of the best options.

Wearing a bra more then 12 hours a day is risky. When sleeping with a bra on your blood is not getting the chance to circulate well. As a result this can cause abnormal cell to emerge inside which can grow as cancer cells. This can cause breast cancer. Experts recommend to sleep without bra to minimize the risk of breast cancer.

If you have breathing difficulties or just have a restless sleep pattern. A minor problem can be caused by just wearing a bra. Straps can be tight and this can cause disturbance to sleep and breathing system problems. Removing your bra can help you breath better, allow your body to relax and get a good night sleep.

Women in general are prone to suffer from less sleep and more sleepless nights. By just removing your bra this can make a huge difference. Specially for Mummies out there. It really helps when wearing maternity bra's which have no under wire for more comfort.

When you have a long day at work or heavy activity during the day. Sweat can sit on your bra and cause skin irritation. This can lead to skin problems. The irritation can happen more in the strapped area and closed areas where you may notice red spots around them areas. This is why its highly recommended to sleep without bra so skin can breathe and stay dry.

I generally found this topic very interesting as I would do anything to get a good night sleep. It does make a difference in how you feel and much more comfortable too to sleep without any additional tightness near your chest area.
I would always recommend Women to sleep without a bra. When you have teenagers, get them to get into a habit of sleeping without a bra from young age. There are just a lot more benefits that way.
The only time I feel that you do need to sleep with a bra on, is after you've give birth and few months after if your breast feeding your baby. As you can imagine baby milk leaks and depending on your process alot can leak during night time and you need your bra to hold the pads to avoid getting all wet and changing your top during the night. Best bar's are the wireless marternity bar's. Thy are loose and comfortable. Thats really the only time i think bra should be worn.

Wanted to keep this short and informative so I hope you guys enjoyed this read.
Whats your thoughts??

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