SPF I use on my children

SPF I use on my children - Age 3, 5 and 8.

I know as parents, we have a 101 things to do from the moment we wake up, lets be real we just about remember doing our own selfcare routine. However I can not stress how important it is to get your children into a good habit/routine on taking the steps of washing their face, applying cream and then SPF. If my 3 year can say and point out which one is SPF from a cream, we all can do this :)

Children copy us, everything we say and do including emotions, physical actions and how we act when positive and negative. What am getting at is, if you yourself share a happiness/ positive mode when doing your morning and evening skincare routine, they will do the same. 
Tip: Tell them SPF protects your skin from burning, that's how my lot understand the difference between a normal cream and an SPF. Apply after your cream so the last one is SPF sitting on top of your skin to protect it.

You guys keep asking so here is a few products I use on my children - SPF RECCOMEMNDATIONS

Brightening Mineral Sunscreen SPF50

Retails at £32.49 - Use Shahnaz10 for 10% off affiliate.

Click here for direct link ⬇️

I use this on all my children - their faces, neck and ears. Non of them have experienced any stinging to there eyes or irritation to skin - Alhamdullilah. Literally the best as it feels like a normal cream with no white cast.

Calypso sensitive lotion for face & neck SPF50

This ones a great drugstore one which is affordable. 

Some information from website: Retail £7.99 - can get offers in stores so keep an eye out.
Sensitive Lotion SPF50+ is designed to be used on the face and neck. It is a specially formulated light and non-greasy lotion with broad-spectrum UVA/UVB protection. It helps prevent premature ageing and is ideal for kids and those with sensitive skin.
Direction for use: 
  • Always apply 20-30 minutes before sun exposure.
  • Re-apply frequently, especially after perspiring, swimming or towelling
  • Avoid eye area.
  • Ideally conduct a patch test before use.

Calypso sensitive lotion Spray SPF50

This I find very handy for arms, neck, feet as it sprays out and allows you to massage/rub the sprayed lotion all over. This is not a clear formula, its literally like the lotion but a spray version to help get that even cover all over body/exposed skin.

Retails around £7.50 - again can find on offers.

Calypso also do hair spray to protect hair and scalp too. There are lots of other brands from drugstore available for children but I would say try them, see how your child/ren get on and then if they like it - stick to it. The ones I have picked have no greasy feeling, no white cast and is comfortable after application. Most children don't like wearing SPF due to the after feeling on skin, which is a put off them.

Scalp and hair protect is just as important for children too. When it is super hot, best to wear sun hats, sunglasses and cover with lightweight clothing when exposed to direct sunlight (when laying outside)

It is important to apply at least once in the morning before school as they play out for breaks and lunch time, which means they are in the sun/exposed rays for longer than 5 minutes. Some protection is better than nothing. 
Please remember when applying SPF daily, they need to cleanse this off in the evening. Even if they don't wash there face in the morning after waking up, get them to wash it of with a mild cleanser every evening. This will prevent any breakouts.

This brand is available is Home Bargains, B&M and Tesco. Plus so many other stores.

We have tried Aldi versions (Lotion and Spray) but those were super sticky and left an uncomfortable residue which my boys didn’t like. Please note they may have changed the formulas since we have tried it.

Brands I have stopped using due to being associated with Israel - I have a page linked with them and have tried to keep updating as I go along.

I hope this helps and you get the SPF journey started with your child/ren.


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