Re-usable Pads - Was it a hit or a miss?

First things first - sharing full information on these pads which I kindly got sent to review and test out. Details and claims Dame have put up on their description/website.

Reusable Pad Set with Dry Bag

Retails at £34.99 - Includes 1 Liner Pad - 18.5 cms long and ideal for very light flows, bladder leaks, spotting, and discharge.
1 Regular Pad - 20.5cm long and absorbs the equivalent of 1 Super tampon (9-12 grams). Good for most days of your period
1 Night Pad - 28cms long and absorbs the equivalent of 1 DAME Super Plus tampon (12-15 grams). The longer size and extra absorbency is perfect for night time.
1 Watertight Dry Bag.

5 layers of leak-free technical comfort.

Super-soft natural fibres that stay comfortable against your skin (lyocell, organic cotton)

A wicking top layer draws moisture away from your skin in seconds (polyamide, polyester, lycra)

Then 4D fabric technology absorbs 10 times its weight in two seconds (organic cotton, bamboo, polyester)

An in-built waterproof layer to prevent leaks (polyurethane)

All layers are protected with stain-proof and odour-proof technology.

My thoughts: 
I love anything re-usable and environmentally friendly so this for me was exciting to try out. I genuienly hate the idea of used pads on land fields and not disposing properly. It’s so bad for us and the environment.

The packaging is brilliant. Love that you get a bag which is including in the set to pop in your used pad/s if you're out and about and wash later. It is oduor proof and waterproof so that's a bonus. To be honest I have not got the chance to use the bag itself so won't comment on this just yet. Will mention this once used.

The pads itself are amazing quality. Live the green theme :) You can tell they have been made very well and thought through. You get 3 different sizes, again brilliant as everyone's flow is different and you can choose or opt for the one you require when needed. 
Now I got the chance to use all 3 pads on my first use and I have to say, very impressed. They are super comfortable, literally felt like I wasn't wearing a pad. The buttons are very strong too which makes it easy to put on and take off. They didn't leak through; I change often so didn't have any leakages on my first uses. The night pad was impressive as it did exactly what it says. My second night is always super heavy so next month’s use will defiantly see if this leaks as I only had one night pad, which I used on my first night. I washed my pads straight after use. Usually, you would wash clothing or stains with hot/warm water, but I followed Dame's instructions and run through cold water. I then placed the pad into warm water with a little soap powder/washing powder to soak in for 10 minutes. The night pad I allowed to soak for longer. Then washed properly using warm water and it worked very well. I have always washed me under garments seperatly even if am not on my monthly, so instantly I washed the pads straight away. I have not tried it in the washing machine, and I don't think I will. I feel like with re-usable materials, it's just best to wash/rinse straight after use for cleaner/stain free finish. I let mines air dry near my window. After drying up properly they felt obviously used (not the brand-new feeling) but still comfortable and had no stains or oduor. Honestly, I am very impressed and would highly recommend you ladies to try it. 

The only negative comment which I think some may find (I have no issue with this) is making that effort of cleaning the pads after each use. We are so quick to just change, bin used pads and then pop on a clean new pad. This for some may feel like it's a lot of hard work. It's really not, I promise. If you remember when re-usbale cotton pads came out and some felt it takes a bit of time to wash and dry. Once you get use to it, you're like I am never using one-time pads -this is literally what it's like. We needed these a long time ago. A great way to get the teens or younger youth to start using and making that habit of washing straight after use. 

I will be purchasing more of these pads to sort my monthly periods out. I personally thing this is worth every penny as they will last you a long time. No more buying one-time pads. If you wash and maintain properly, they can last you for 5 years, which again is amazing. I've also noticed they have a 60-day money back returned policy on their site. Now thats how much trust they have on their products. Oh, by the way they have other products like tampons and pants available so do check out their website for full product listing. 

THIS IS A HIT FOR ME 🙌🏽 Great product overall.

5 Months use review 

Every month I keep saying I need to buy more. That says a lot :) I have gotten in the full swing of using these and they are so comfortable, discrete, no irritation or issues when in use. I wash my used pad straight after use by soaking it in water for 10-15 minutes then washing it by hand with some soap powder. The only disadvantage I think some may find is when the weather is cold, the drying period is longer. In summer it was super quick to dry and use the following day but obviously during winter season it takes much longer to fully dry. This is why you need a good couple of pads in different sizes for your monthly use. I genuinely love them over normal pads, tampons and feel like it's a good way to keep the environment clean. Some may find it will take them a while to get hang of the fact you need to wash them yourself or bung it into your washing machine when needed. I prefer washing by hands as it literally removes all stains and looks, feel fully clean once washed and dried.

I highly recommend them and would love to know if you have tried them - your thoughts?

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