NYK1 Lash growth serum. Did it work?

NYK1 Lash Force Eyelash Serum
Retails: £34.95

I got this lash serum sent to test and trial. If am honest, i didn't even check the ingredients or brand properly like i usually would. I trusted the PR company that sent it over and started using it straight away.

It is recommended to use twice daily, which i used religiously for over a month (still have a lot of product left in the tube). I really enjoyed applying it into my skincare routine as it was cooling, no irritation what so ever on my eyes or eyelids and you just glide it on to the roots of your lashes like an eyeliner. The packaging is nice and simple.  Silver bottle with a paintbrush style wand (Thin eyeliner wand)

Now you guys have been asking me and messaging me if i have had a lash lift. Well, this is the results. I have seen such a huge difference with the length. Super impressed on how much it has grown my lashes. I actually cut my lashes a few years back (don't ask) and since then its never really grown or gone back to the way it was before i chopped it off.

First two images are no mascara and shows how short they are. The last image is four weeks after using the serum with mascara on.

Honestly, i really enjoyed using it as it showed me results. I am very happy with the length and how they look now. The serum is worth every penny as it lasts up to 3 months even after using it continuously. 
Highly recommend this and you must use it religiously to see results.

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