Toners?? Do we need it

Is Toner really needed?

I use to always think 'O its just another product added to make money' Am being truly honest and that what i thought. But once i researched and started using it in my skin care routine, i would not miss a toner out.

There are so many benefits when using a toner after washing your face also after you have removered your make up.

Deep cleans your skin
Leaves your skin feeling very refreshed
Removes last trace of make up and dirt
Addes a layer of protection
Helps reduce pores
Restores the ph balance of your skin
Also reduces in grow hair.

When do you use a Toner?

Morning and evening after you have washed or cleansed your skin. Once you have dryed your skin you go in with a toner. Best way of using a toner is with a cotton pad with few drops of your preferred toner and glide all over your face.
If you love wearing make up daily or wear on occasions, once you have removed and washed your make up then work your skin with a toner. Those are the best times to fit in a toner and let it do its job.

How many times can use Toner?

Alot of toners are reccomended to use twice a day. The days you wear make up and take it off before the evening, try not to use the same toner again in your night routine. However it all depends on the ingredient to your toner. If its mild and has no acids like Glycolic acid then yes use it as this will not effect your skin. If you are using strong acidic toner then don't use it. You can just use a simple toner for your night routine. So maximum twice a day. I say that but my dry skin cam take toners to three times a day so play it by the ear and see how it goes. All depends on your skin type and how your skin reacts.

I would really reccomend people who have acne prone skin, large pores and have blemishes to not miss this step. There are so many types of toners out there now in the beauty market. You are bound to find the prefect one weather its one with all organic ingredients to sensible amount of acids for your skin. Also branded and drugstore toners available.

As i have started using toners i have noticed that i can switch up products now and then and it does not irritate or effect my skin. I don't break out as my skin has got into a habit of the extra cleaning and product use.

In my next post i will share my picks on branded and drugstore toners for all types of skin. Its still not too late to add one into your skin care regime.

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