A question I asked myself?

Now a days, girl start young with Make up. School girls are wearing full glam face and even little girls aged 5 wear Make up. Social Media and the craze of Make up has really influenced young girls. I didn't even own an Eyeliner till I hit 15. During my Teen Years I hardly wore or owned Make Up products. I was never in to Make Up or anything 'Girly'. At School I was a Tomboy, yes I was. Time to time me and my Sisters would play around with my Mum's Lipsticks and Perfume. That's literally the closest we got to Make Up. All the way till end of Year 10 before I started Collage. My basic Make Up was lip pencil harshly pencilled all over my Lips. When I think about it, I just can't help laughing. Once I started Collage thats when I started applying Eyeliner and Mascara. So my youth was not around Make Up it just slowly grew on to me.

I got marred at 19, just after collage. That was when my whole thought of Make Up changed. My wedding make up was a disaster. The Make Up Artist did everything I didn't want. This is another story of what I went through during my wedding Morning. If you want to hear about it, comment and let me know?

Cutting a very long story short. I took it all off and went out with just Eyeliner and Lip gloss. Yes just those two products on MY wedding day. Well i rather look like myself then someone totally different. Since then it changed my thoughts on Make up. I never wanted a girl to feel the way I did on my big day. I wanted to make women feel amazing and look like themselves. A touch of elegance, thats what i started my Make up brand with. I started doing my Family, Friends Make up at first and gradually it just spread and I was doing loads of Bridal bookings. Even then I never use to wear alot of Make up. Kept it natural as it was more important me getting to my bookings on time instead of having a full face of Make up and turning up late.

Since then my love for Make up just kept growing. I loved how you can just enhance your own beauty with certain products and when my Brides use to cry or love their looks, that just made me feel so amazing. Words cant explain.

I loved doing my Make up with just Mascara or Liner. No foundation, no base or lipstick. That's how simple I loved my everyday look. I wear it for me. To feel awake and to feel like am ready to do anything. Honestly Make up became my best friend. I didn't have to be cake face to love it or have 100's of products. Just 2-3 products use to work for me. My kit is a different story, it just kept growing and I loved using so many products on my Clients and Brides.

Make Up should be applied to enhance your own beauty. Weather its full face or just a natural look, wear it for YOU nobody else. I do, I love how it makes me feel about myself. There are days where Make Up is not even thought about. I do enjoy a bare face with no products when am having my lazy days at home. Looking after your Skin should be KEY! This will result in flawless Make Up application and even less Make Up if you feel great in your own Skin.

That's my thoughts on Make Up and why I wear it. How iv gradually grown so found of it over the Years from not even owning any products. I am sure every women will agree, Make up is not worn to be in competition with another women or to look great for your other half ;) its really for your own self. When you look great, you feel great. 

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