Winter Skin!

Weather Change- Its getting Colder
 Perfect time to switch up your skin care routine.

There are two seasons which your Skin needs monitiouring and switching up one or two products. Summer and Winter. Summer time our Skin is more moist due to warmer climates and needs Sun protecting ingredients. As soon as Autumn finishes and Winter hits your Skin, its dryer, chapped, irritated due to temertures dropping and not forgetting indoor heating which is super drying and harsh on our delicate Skin.

It is important to rearrange and change a few products or add on additional skin goodies at this time.

How to identify what changes to make.

You should know your skin type or any issues you face during the colder months. So i have dry skin and colder times i switch a morning moisturiser to serums or oils. Thats only if i find my skin really needs it but i also increase on moisturizing through out the day. Also my lips get it the worse. They are always cracked and skin peels off. Now this is a time i add on lip scrub and even an oil to the lips during night time. I also like to carry lip balms like Carmex in my hand bag to use during the day. When appling make up or a daily lip product, i do the same and scrub condition then apply lip product. Yes this should be done all the time however Winter time i notice how it just needs that extra love and care.

Some people find they need their daily moisturizer changed as weather changes. Do it! Whatever works for your skin and helps restore the balance, its good to switch up now and then.

So don't think our skin's can't handle or use too many different products, it can. The little switch ups are fine and good to make during seasons.

I hardly do facials but thinking of doing a few this winter...

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