Face Wash and Cleanser??

Is face wash and cleanser the same?
It's confusing?

Right the lovely ladies I am having so many of you ask the same question or slightly confused in why do we need to use a cleanser or is cleanser not the same as a face wash or toner etc

The simplest way of answering is YES both face wash and cleanser do the exact same thing.

In any skincare routine, you must wash your skin or clean your skin as the first step. Now face wash you already know it says it on the bottle you wash your face. A cleanser sounds more complicated but this actually the same thing. Cleansers come in many other forms which is why everyone gets mixed up. You can get them in balms, which you can just apply directly to your wash and massage in. Some toners and cleansers come together so it's a two in one. Which is doing both cleaning and toning. Most cleansers you apply during your face wash and rub it into your skin to wash off dirt, pollution, bacteria and just dead cells on your skin surface. Just remember that's your first step which is cleaning your skin. Then comes a toner which is the second step. Cleanser and toner are two different things which is why they are separate steps and must be done if one or other is in separate bottles or products.

So I hope that helps to break down that actually a face wash and cleanser is pretty much the same :)
They both clean the skin and is anyone's first step to facial skincare.

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